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Trouble Shooting
General WiFi Trouble Shooting
Do's and Don'ts

Illuminate Privacy and User License Agreement


I want to expand my illuminate light show. How do I do this?

To add more lights to your illuminate show, purchase either additional starter kits or add on sets from your local Target store or Target.com. Additional starter kits will allow you to have different parts of your house use different functions, while add on sets will allow you to extend the lights powered by your current starter kit.

Starter Kits consist of: Control box and either a C9 style light string or icicle style light string.

Add On Sets consist of: a 10 foot Extender Cord (no lights on it) and either a C9 style light string or icicle style light string.

Can I buy an Add On set without buying a Starter Kit first?

Unfortunately not, you need the control box contained in the Starter Kit to power the lights, and also to receive the WiFi signal from your smart device.

What is the Extender Cord in the Add On set used for?

The extender cord can be used many different ways to add an unlit space in the illuminate family of products, examples are:

What is the input Current and Wattage of Illuminate?

It is marked on the white cord tag located adjacent to the plug.

The rating that is marked on the white cord tag of the control box is the number of Amps and Watts that illuminate will draw when it is fully loaded with 300 lights (12 sets of 25 lights).

That rating with 300 lights connected is: 120V, 60Hz, 0.8 Amps, 53.6 Watts

The input current and wattage draw of illuminate will vary based on how many lights are connected, below are examples of the approximate current and wattage draw of illuminate for different light counts

Number of Sets connected to 1 control box Number of Lights connected to 1 control box Approximate Input Current Approximate Input Watts
1 25 0.10A 4.5W
2 50 0.13A 6.5W
3 75 0.165A 8.5W
4 100 0.20A 10.5W
5 125 0.23A 11.4W
12 300 0.80A 53.6W

How do I determine the operating cost of the lights?

Take the wattage above and divide this number by 1,000 (kilowatts) then multiply it by the number of hours used per day by your hourly utility kilowatt rate (found on your bill).

For example: 4.5 watts / 1000 x 6 hours per day x $0.10 per kilowatt-hour = $0.0027 (fractions of a cent) per day for a Starter Kit of 25 lights.

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Illuminate Trouble Shooting

If the lights are not on.

  1. Make sure there is 120V AC power to the outlet and product is plugged in.
  2. Make sure lights are connected to the control box, and make sure connector is fully inserted into the adaptor and tight.
  3. Check if unit is plugged into an outlet controlled by dimmer or electronic timer as unit will not work in these circuits; use a standard outlet instead.
  4. If connected to a GFCI controlled outlet, reset the GFCI in case it activated.
  5. Check for broken wires/connections.
  6. Remove connector from adaptor, clean contacts and reinstall.

If more than 1 light set is connected to the Starter Kit control box and the additional set(s) are blue, do not change color, or follow the pattern set in the app, or if there are pauses in the functions selected.

Change the settings in the control box to show the correct number of lights following the steps below.

1. Illuminate sets come in increments of 25. For Illuminate to function correctly, you will need to tell the control box how many lights are connected. Open the Illuminate app. The home screen will open. (Hint: The total number of lights designated for each control box will appear under its name in the Home screen.)

Total number of lights connected

2. To change the number of lights that are connected to the box, tap the Menu button. Select Settings. The Setting Screen will open. Tap the control box name to open the expanded Settings screen.

3. In the Number of Lights field, tap the arrow. A pop-up screen appears. Select the total number of lights connected to the control box. (Hint: Each add-on light set is 25 lights.) The numbers of lights will be saved and the pop-up screen closes.

4. Tap the Menu icon and select Home. The Home screen appears. Select your Illuminate control box and now all of the lights connected to the control box will respond to your commands.

The control box does not show up in the home screen.

  1. Confirm the correct WiFi router password was used.
  2. Smart device WiFi is connected to a different device or router, connect to control box WiFi or to local WiFi Router.
  3. Control box is out of WiFi range, move smart device closer to control box if directly connected, or move control box closer to WiFi router.
  4. Control box is not connected to 120V power. Turn on power to outlet, and reset GFCI if on a GFCI protected outlet, and make sure illuminate is plugged in.

When music is playing and you use the back button on device or menu, music stops playing.

This is normal operation of the set. When you use the back button on your device, or select the menu, while in the music section, the music will stop playing, the lights will stop flashing to the music and the lights will stay in the color and brightness state that they were in when you pushed that button. This may cause the lights to be off, dim or bright depending what they were doing at that instant. Just select a different function for them to do something different, or go back to the music screen, select your songs and hit play for the lights to start sequencing to the music again.

App stops working

Restart app

If an individual bulb is blue, does not change color or does not display all colors.

Contact our customer service department for additional instructions. 1-800-763-6177

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General WiFi Trouble Shooting

  1. Be sure your Wi-Fi source (Wi-Fi router/access point or Wi-Fi device) is connected to power and turned ON.
  2. Restart your mobile device.
  3. Remove any case, stand, or other accessories from your Apple/iOS or Android device and check if that improves your ability to connect to the Wi-Fi source.
  4. Are you in range of your Wi-Fi source?
  5. Is your battery low and/or do you have any Power Saving Apps or Network Apps installed on your device?
  6. Is Airplane Mode turned OFF? And is Wi-Fi turned ON and connected to the Wi-Fi source?
  7. Do you have any Wi-Fi barriers or potential interference in your area?
  8. Are other mobile devices or Wi-Fi enabled computers also having problems connecting to the same Wi-Fi source?
  9. If all solutions listed above still do not fix the issue:
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Do's and Don't's

  1. DON'T install or leave control boxes inside gutters or other areas where standing water will collect.
  2. DON'T pull on connections or lampholders when decorating or removing for the season.
  3. DO store unit in cool, dry location protected from sunlight when it is not in use.
  4. DO avoid stacking other products on this item to avoid bulb breakage or other damage.
  5. DO make sure all plugs and cords are well-protected from being cut, crushed, or abraded.
  6. DON'T place wiring or parts of illuminate on top of sharp edges or sharp materials.
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