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Trouble Shooting
Do's and Don'ts


How do I assemble my tree?

Pre-lit Christmas trees include light sets that are wrapped onto the branches of a hinged tree. Branches are pre-attached and hinged to the center pole. Please assemble by following the instructions included with your tree.

Do I need to purchase a stand for my tree?

Stands or Pot like bases are included in each box for use with that tree. Please assemble by following the instructions included for your tree. It has been designed to hold the tree stable for use.

How do I shape my tree?

Fan out branch tips, one to the right, one to the left and one at the center. Starting from the tips farthest from the pole and curving out from the pole. Tips at the center should be alternately placed so that they do not line up one behind the other. When finished shaping all the branches, step back and take an overall look at the tree. Shift branches to fill in any gaps.

Helpful Hint: Twist the tip closest to the center pole around the branch base to cover the metal area.
Helpful Hint: Carefully curve each tip upward for a natural look.

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Trouble Shooting

My lights aren’t working.

If all or part of the lights do not work on your pre-lit tree check the following:
1. Check whether the cord is properly plugged into the AC outlet.
2. Be sure there is power to the outlet.
3. Check whether all plugs within the tree are securely connected and positioned correctly.
4. Check whether all bulbs are tightly fitted inside the lamp holder and that none are broken or damaged. If all bulbs are firmly in the sockets, slightly twist the bulbs from side to side.
5. If a bulb is burnt out or damaged, carefully replace the faulty bulb using the instructions included with your item (Several replacement bulbs are included).
6. If none of the lights are working check the fuse in the light plug on the light string. See instructions included with your tree (Several replacement fuses are included).
7. If the lights still do not work, then pull each bulb out of the set, one by one, and check if there are two wires at the bottom of the bulb. If one wire is missing or twisted wrong, it will prevent the light set from lighting, and that bulb will need to be replaced.

My tree doesn’t look like the picture.

If the tree has been assembled and it doesn’t look as full as the picture, you can increase the overall fullness of your tree by shaping each branch very carefully. The branches have been condensed by placing into the box and can be easily reshaped to their original fullness by bending and separating each of the branches in a more realistic manner.

Instructions were not included in the box.

Please contact us by email using the "Contact Us" link above to request them.

My tree is missing a part.

After complete assembly and review of all parts included in your box you find that a piece is missing, please contact us by email using the "Contact Us" link above to request it.

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Do's & Don'ts


- DO place on a level, hard, flat surface.
- DON'T place your tree where tree is likely to wobble due to uneven floors or thick carpeting.
- DON'T place near gas or electric heaters, radiators, fireplaces, candles or other similar sources of heat.
- DO make sure the tree is still stable once you have completed the tree assembly and decorating.


- DO only use indoors.


- DO remove all decorations.
- DO store the carton flat, not on its end, in a cool dry place.
- DON'T store tree in a damp area or an area where the temperature exceeds 100ºF.

For Pre-Lit HINGED trees:
Unplug extension cord from the wall outlet and remove all ornaments and decorations. Unplug each section of lights from the extension cord attached to the center pole. Gently lift off the top and middle sections, and remove the bottom section from the tree stand. Turn upside down and carefully press branches toward center pole for easier placement into the storage box. Be careful in placing tree in storage box so that lights are not crushed or broken.

WARNING - Risk of Fire and Electric Shock
• Read all instructions and warning tags included with your tree.
• NEVER use candles on any tree.
• After assembling the tree and adding decorations, make sure the tree is stable.
• Do not overload extension cords or power strips, see ratings on those devices and check the rating label of the tree for compatibility.
• Insert lighting string plugs fully into extension cord and insert the extension cord plug fully into its receptacle.
• This is an electrical product – NOT A TOY. To avoid the risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electric shock it should not be played with or placed where small children can reach it.

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