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Trouble Shooting
Do's and Don'ts


How do I assemble my tree?

Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of constructions:
Hooked Trees: Branches are attached by hooking each branch into a center pole bracket.
Hinged Trees: Branches are pre-attached to the center pole by hinges and pins.
Pull-Down Trees: Branches are wired directly to the center pole.

Assemble all trees by following the instructions included with your tree.

Do I need to purchase a stand for my tree?

Stands are included in each box for use with that tree. These stands can be constructed of metal or plastic. Please assemble by following the instructions included for your stand. It has been designed to hold the tree stable for use.

How do I shape my tree?

Fan out branch tips, one to the right, one to the left and one at the center. Starting from the tips farthest from the pole and curving out from the pole. Tips at the center should be alternately placed so that they do not line up one behind the other. When finished shaping all the branches, step back and take an overall look at the tree. Shift branches to fill in any gaps.

Helpful Hint: Twist the tip closest to the center pole around the branch base to cover the metal area.
Helpful Hint: Carefully curve each tip upward for a natural look.

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Trouble Shooting

My tree doesn’t look like the picture.

If once the tree has been assembled it doesn’t look as full as the picture, you can increase the overall fullness of your tree by shaping each branch very carefully. The branches have been condensed by placing into the box and can be easily reshaped to their original fullness by bending and separating each of the branches in a more realistic manner.

Instructions were not included in the box.

Please contact us by email using the "Contact Us" button above to request them.

My tree is missing a part.

After complete assembly and review of all parts included in your box you find that a piece is missing, please contact us by email using the "Contact Us" link above to request it.

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Do's & Don'ts


- DO place on a level, hard, flat surface.
- DON'T place your tree where tree is likely to wobble due to uneven floors or thick carpeting.
- DON'T place near gas or electric heaters, radiators, fireplaces, candles or other similar sources of heat.
- DO make sure the tree is still stable once you have completed the tree assembly and decorating.


- DO remove all decorations.
- DO store the carton flat, not on its end, in a cool dry place.
- DON'T store tree in a damp area or an area where the temperature exceeds 100ºF.

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